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American Academy of Pediatrics strategies

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Signs of increased stress can lead to increased frustration for the family. The following strategies are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics

Engage your children in constructive activities. Bored or frustrated children are more likely to act out. Many children have had their lives disrupted. They are out of school, and they can't play with their friends.

Help them with their fears. Children who are old enough to follow the news may be afraid, for example, that they or their parents might get COVID. You can acknowledge the fear, and discuss all the things you are doing to stay healthy, such as washing hands and staying home to avoid germs.

Call a time-out. The discipline tool works best by warning children they will get a time-out if they don't stop, reminding them what they did wrong in just a few words- and with as little emotion- as possible, and removing them from the situation for a pre-set length of time (1 minute per year of age is a good guide.)

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Self-Care Strategies for Resilience

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Here are a few self-care strategies for resilience!

Start a gratitude journal

Prepare your favorite foods

Make you space comfy and cozy

Video chat with your friends

Set boundaries with you media consumption

Make a playlist of your favorite songs

For more self-care strategies, click the following link:

First Aid for Feelings

Kids Drawing

Utilize this interactive workbook to help your child cope with the stressors and changes of the pandemic.